What you need to know before returning to work

Should I be worried?

In short, no. But of course, it is easier said than done. If you have been working from home during he pandemic and getting ready to return to office, you might have many unnerving thoughts like is my workplace safe, are there any measurements taken to minimise the probability of catching the virus, do I need to get tested regularly, if so, will my workplace provide a test. You may also feel anxious about mixing with other people, seeing your workmates or even new faces. It is totally normal because we are humans and we have different emotions, hence, feeling a bit nervous or anxious is totally normal. However, if anxiety levels increase to the point where it starts affecting your performance at work or daily living, you should seek for help to manage it.

How can I manage my anxiety?

There are numerous ways on how to manage anxiety. Because we are so unique and very different to one another, it is unlikely that one size will fit all. Hence, explore and see what works for you best. You can try breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness and general exercises such as HIIT classes, yoga or pilates. You may also try relaxation massages, spa treatments or tension release treatments such as sports or deep tissue massages. Visit a site like for the expertise you need to get amazing results.

How to look after myself while returning to office?

In general, try to maintain all the safety requirements set up by the government. Although things appear to be easing off slowly, you can still wear a mask, such as an n95 mask, when and if you feel that it will make you feel safer and less exposed. For example, on places like public transport. Wash or sanitise your hands often throughout the day

What help is available to manage my anxiety?

Apart from the options discussed above, you may also see your GP who might refer you to have some counselling or prescribe you some medication which might help you to regain your ‘zen’. However, medication does not come without potential side effects. Depending on the medication prescribed, you might also experience indigestion, feeling agitated, blurred vision, dry mouth, dizziness and diarrhoea or constipation. This list is not extensive, hence, there might be other side effects, so, we recommend that you take a deep breath in and go with the flow!


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