The importance of your spine

Spine-health is central to your sense of vibrant health. The spine is an amazing thing and serves a number of different functions in the body.

Of course, it is the core of the skeleton, and central to all sorts of movement. A spine that doesn’t move freely will restrict movement, and almost invariably leads to some sort of chronic pain. In addition, the spine provides stability and support and acts as a useful shock absorber.

But of the utmost importance is its role in acting as a protective channel for the spinal cord and nerve roots. All the neurological signals (except cranial signals) pass through the channel of the spine, and its health is at the center of a fully functioning neurological system.

So how can you best take care of it?








The keys to good spine-health

There is a combination of factors that ensure good spine-health. Some form of relevant exercise will always be beneficial, but it is important not to overlook lifestyle factors and the impact your daily habits can have as well.

There are two physical states that have an impact on the spine for the biggest proportion of the day. The way in which you sleep and the way in which you sit at your computer will have a cumulative effect on the condition of your spine.

Making sure you have a good mattress, and ensuring your desk is set up ergonomically will set you on the right path.

Another lifestyle factor that affects the spine is stress. We often absorb toxins through the things we eat and drink or from the environment. If the toxins can not be removed quickly enough (due to stress) they can trigger inflammation that can have a degenerative impact on the tissue of the spine.

For this reason, forms of exercise that not only work the spine but are also good for stress relief, have a particularly beneficial impact. Pilates and Yoga are both incredibly beneficial for this reason.

To maintain good spine-health it will help to limit or eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, as these can all be toxic. Also be aware that prescribed or recreational drugs, as well as refined foods, can also have a harmful effect on the spine due to the inflammation they may cause. In some cases these issues can be cause for treatment. There are safe procedures like a minimally invasive spine surgery which could help you depending on your condition. A professional will be able to determine what kind of post-surgery spinal rehab and treatment will be best for you.

Great exercises for maintaining spine-health

Pilates offers some great exercises for helping to articulate the spine. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is with the pelvic tilt or the slightly more advanced pelvic curl.

This exercise done in conjunction with exercises such as the swan prep and child pose can make up a great little routine you could perform daily to help maintain a healthy spine.

All of these exercises are easy to learn and practice provided you have the proper guidance. Make sure you seek out a qualified instructor who can help you with the finer details such as the correct breathing techniques. If you’re already suffering a spine problem, then you may need spine surgery.

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