Is the heat making it hard to sleep?

If you are struggling at night my dear friend let me tell you you are not alone.  The heatwave is making it hard to get some sleep for all of us.  As heat  makes it hard to fall asleep and also affects how well you sleep. For that reason, I wrote this blog to show you some tips to keep cool at night and make bed time a little easier. I hope They work for you…

Why can’t I sleep well during hot weather?

While you sleep, you go through different stages. The first stage is where you go from consciousness into light sleep. This process can be done at any time. However,  in the following stages, your body needs to drop its temperature by about two to three degrees before you can reach the state of deep sleep. But if  your body’s or room temperature is too high, it’s hard for your brain to tell if you’re awake or asleep. As a result, the quality of your sleep will be directly affected.

How can lack of sleep affect my body?

Lack of sleep may cause:

  • Low cognitive function 
  • Brain fog
  • Mood changes
  • Low immune response
  • Make vaccines les effective
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Affects blood glucose control, making you more prone to diabetes type 2
  • High obesity risk

9 Tips to sleep better

1.Make your room cooler

Use a fan, the air-con if you prefer. But if you want to save energy, and your room is warmer than outside, leave the windows open some hour before going to bed and  then close them.

2.Drink while you think

Drink plenty of fresh water before bed, it will keep you well hydrated and may help to reduce the temperature of your body. And remember to use mindful hydration for best results.

3.No nap

To fall asleep faster at night and avoid sleep disturbances don’t nap during the day.

4.Keep your regular routine

Sometimes heat makes it hard to continue with our regular activities, but try to keep them as much as you can, so your body and mind function won’t be altered.

5.Cool sock to bed jump

One trick is to cool your socks in the fridge, so when you wear them, they will be fresh, helping you to reduce your temperature. You can freeze your sheets and pillows too. 

6.Less sheets, better sleep

Use thin sheets or avoid them if needed. Use just the one you need to protect your mattress.

7.Let calm be with you

If you are struggling with sleeping, get out of bed and try to do something that calms you, for example reading or meditating, and when you feel sleepy, return to bed. Avoid electronic devices (specially blue light) or energizing activities that totally disrupt your sleep.

8.For instant relief get some ice to sleep

Yes, it is true, just try it! You can put an ice pack on your pulse points, for example: wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and even behind your knees. The cold will travel quickly around your body, and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. Be careful, don’t get too cold!

9.Take a cool shower 

 Taking a cool and refreshing shower before going to bed will make you feel more comfortable. In addition, if you have company while sleeping (children, pet, partner) just keep distance so both will be fresher.

I hope this information is useful for you, but if you continue struggling with sleep, just get a massage or play a game like to relax!

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