The burden of chronic tension

People experience chronic tension, particularly headaches, for a number of reasons. These headaches can be extremely uncomfortable and tiring, despite this, many people can continue to carry on working whilst experiencing a tension headache.

It is important to remember that chronic tension headaches mean they are persistent, rather than severe. These types of headaches can vary from mild to severe. Because they are persistence, the condition can be distressing and disabling for most.



Chronic Tension

Chronic Tension

What treatments are there for chronic tension?

The good news is that there are many methods for treating the problem. Regardless of where you are feeling the pain, you can choose between medication, massage or other personalised treatments. If you’re a sufferer and need help with your condition, follow the tips below.


Acupuncture is an ancient medicine treatment that involves inserting small needles into a layer of skin at defined points. This helps to unblock the energy flow through meridians. In addition,  Evidence has suggested that acupuncture can help to treat chronic tension, injuries, back pain and much more.

Pain Management

This treatment is often personalised to deal with the pains and discomforts you are feeling. Whether your discomfort is a result of headaches, trapped nerves or muscular spasms, the underlying cause of pain will be sourced. Then, using a combination of massage techniques and specialist therapies, the pain is managed and subsides.


Deep Tissue Massages are a great way of treating your pain, though different massages may be more suitable for your particular area of pain. Deep tissue massages are favoured amongst people all over the world who experience chronic tension.

It uses pressure points, and firm strokes that concentrate on deep layers of muscle and fascia, and helps stimulate circulation and reduce tension.


Performing some simple stretches every morning is a great way of relieving the tension from the comfort of your own home. To help relieve aches and pains and muscle tightness that create chronic tension in the body, simply perform gentle stretching exercises.

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