How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?

Lymphatic Drainage massage stimulates the system by clearing blockages, thereby eliminating toxins and allowing freer and more efficient transport of nutrients to cells. In turn, this boosts the immune system and increases metabolism. Unlike some other forms of massage, it utilises a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

Lymphatic Massage can help with:

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Swelling in legs & ankles

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Promotion of scar tissue healing

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Post-operative healing

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Deep relaxation and stress relief

More about the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is made up of fine vessels and lymph nodes. The lymph nodes do the collection and filtering of waste material from cell fluid, while the lymph vessels return the fluid back into general circulation. This system clears the entire body, stopping excess fluid from stagnating in cell tissues. Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to keep the fluid moving.

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Why does the lymphatic system go wrong?

The lymphatic flow can stagnate for many reasons, such as swelling, chronic inflammation, too little exercise, too much starchy food, stress, fatigue, emotional shock, age, poorly fitted bras, or wearing bras for an excessive amount of time. When lymphatic circulation slows down, the regeneration of cells becomes less effective. Here are some more things that MLD can help with:

  • Promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments and sprains
  • Swelling relief following  surgery
  • Treatment of Lymphoedema and other conditions arising from venous insufficiency
  • Improving chronic conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis, acne and other skin conditions
lymphatic drainage treatment near angel islington

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