What is Hot Deep Tissue Massage?

Hot deep tissue is not just about pressing hard. It is about finding the deep muscles fibres and fascia that are causing you tightness, pain or restricting your movement. We use heat not only to relax but to help lengthen and ease muscles, so we can work deeper in to the muscle.

Hot deep tissue can help with:

back pain treatment islington

Back Pain

neck pain islington massage

Neck Pain

shoulder pain massage islington

Shoulder Pain

headaches islington treatment


What to expect
on your hot deep tissue massage?

In your first session, your massage therapist will take a full medical history, and ask about your lifestyle, any exercise routine, and past injuries. We will perform a physical assessment to determinate the cause of any issues and begin focusing on the problem areas. The therapist uses heat to warm up the muscle prior working deep into the muscle fibres.

Please inform your therapist if the level or pressure is right for you. Remember that deep tissue massage isn’t about pressing hard, it is about knowing which muscle fibres are disrupted, causing the tightness and realising them.

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Other benefits of hot deep tissue
in Islington

Deep tissue massage can also be a relief for people suffering from chronic stress, and all of its various side-effects like tension headaches, rigid shoulders and tight muscles.
Some common problems we also help with at our Angel clinic:

  • Release stress
  • Tight hamstring
  • Tight Calf muscles
  • Glute pain compression
hot deep tissue massage islington

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