Looking for a Tension release Massage in Islington?

If you struggle with back and neck pain whilst working from home, you aren’t alone. We can help you to release muscles tightness or pain. We can advise you on how to keep a good posture, set up your work station properly at home, in order to reduce tension and back pain. Book a tension release massage with one of our MSK experts. Our Clinic is only a 3-minute walk from Angel station.

Tension Release Massage can help with:

back pain treatment islington

Back Pain

neck pain islington massage

Neck Pain

shoulder pain massage islington

Shoulder Pain

calf pain treatment islington

Tight Calves

What to expect
on your Massage treatment?

At Perea Clinic the session consists of a consultation, assessment and treatment. Be aware that if you have been suffering from ongoing pain or chronic tension, you may need more than one session. Our Tension Massage treatments are tailored to your needs. This could include dry needling, joint mobilisation, and soft tissue and aftercare exercises. Our MKS experts at our Angel Islington clinic, aim to help you minimise pain by prescribing tailored exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

Why we developed our
Tension Release Massage?

We combined a range of  soft tissue techniques, to develop our unique Tension Release Massage. This treatment has been designed to help you release muscle tension and stiffness. Muscle tension can cause pain, stiffness and prevent you from doing physical activities. At our Islington clinic, we aim to help you to release tight or strained muscles, so you can carry on pain free. Some common areas we treat:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Neck stiffness and restricted movement
  • Trapped nerve
  • Hip pain (if muscular in origin)
  • Sciatica (If tight muscles are causing nerve compression)
  • knee pain



Sciatica treatment in islington

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