What is postnatal massage?

Postnatal Massage is an amazing way to relax, destress and improve sleep after giving birth. This massage includes Lymphatic drainage techniques which are light and relaxing to help with swelling and circulation.

Postnatal massage can be booked within the first 12 weeks of giving birth. But be sure to check with your GP before booking a session.

Postpartum Massage can help with:

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Back Pain

Improve sleep after giving birth

Improve Sleep

What to expect
on your Postnatal Massage?

In your first session, your therapist will take a full medical history. They will ask you questions about any pain you might be experiencing. If your main concern is to target any problem areas such as back pain or leg pain, please let the therapist know so that they can focus on that first.

If you would like us to focus more on the relaxation aspect of the massage we can also accommodate. One of the most important aspects of our postpartum massage is to adapt to your needs.

Book your appointment:

Why book a postpartum massage near you?
We are based in Islington!

Our Postnatal massage aims to help you relax. It supports your body’s natural ability to de-stress and balance hormones after birth. Postpartum massages can also help with improving sleep and release muscle tension.

We recommend to book your massage near you to avoid long distance travelling. We are just 2 minutes from Angel station in Islington.

Some common problems we also help with:

  • lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Leg Pains
  • Shoulder pain
postpartum massage

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