Before Your Osteopathy treatment starts

Your Osteopath will look at body alignment, joints and tissues in detail. Therefore vests, leggings or shorts are good pieces to wear. We always have spare shorts at the clinic. In your first appointment you will be asked questions about your current problem, past injuries, operations, general health, sports and hobbies, other medical care and medication you are receiving.

Be aware that you first consultation could take more than 20 mins depending on your case. We recommend you book a long session if you wish to start your treatment stray way.

Osteopathy can help with:

back pain treatment islington

Back Pain

osteo consultation near angel london

Disk Injuries

osteo consultation near angel london

Hip Pain

osteo consultation near angel london

Knee Pain

During your consultation

You will be asked to perform some simple movements (pain permitting) and we will assess your posture and mobility. This will be followed by standard medical, orthopaedic, neurological and special tests to assess the health of your joints, tissues and ligaments. An explanation of the findings and treatment safety will be discussed.

Book your appointment:

Osteopathy Treatment

In each follow up session we will reassess the area and take in consideration your feedback before we start the session.  At our Angel Clinic, our therapist will modify the osteopathy treatment plan if needed. Remember you are a partner in your osteopathy treatment and are encouraged to ask questions at any time during the process. Benefits and risks of techniques will be explained, and alternatives proposed. Some common problems Osteopathy can help with

  • Back & neck pain
  • Tension headaches & migraines
  • Sciatic, hip & lower back pain
  • Spine & Disk Injuries
osteo consultation islington back pain

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