Looking for Women's Health Osteopath in London?

If you are pregnant, looking to get pregnant or have already given birth you are at the right place!

Our team of Osteopaths specialise on women’s health including pre and post pregnancy. Osteopathy can help you prepare for childbirth and recover after delivery by improving the alignment, mobility, and function of the body.

Involving Osteopathy into you prenatal care can complement your medical check-ups by improving the alignment of the pelvis, reducing the risk of breech or posterior presentation, which can result in a difficult delivery.

Osteopathy can help with:

sciatica islington


Pelvic floor health

Pelvic pain

back pain pregnancy islington

Back Pain

swollen legs during pregnancy

Swollen Leg or Arms

Helping with pain relief & preparing for child birth

Osteopathy for pregnancy can help alleviate pregnancy-related pain by relieving tension and improving blood flow. In some cases, osteopathy can even reduce the need for pain medication during delivery.

Childbirth is a significant event that requires physical strength and endurance. Osteopathy can help prepare the body for childbirth by improving the alignment and mobility of the pelvis, which is essential for a smooth and efficient delivery. Furthermore, Osteopathy can also help relieve tension and tightness in the muscles, preparing the body for the intense physical exertion of childbirth.

Osteopathy and Postpartum recovery

Childbirth recovery can be challenging, so it’s important to take good care of yourself during this time. Your pregnancy osteopath can help speed up postpartum recovery by improving the alignment and mobility of the spine, pelvis, and other parts of the body. The benefit of including Osteopathy as part of your aftercare is that it can reduce pain and discomfort, allowing new mothers to focus on caring for their new-borns.

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Lower back and pelvic girdle pain

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