Follow up Physio session

In each follow up session, we will reassess the area and take in consideration your feedback before we start the treatment. We will modify the treatment plan if need it. Remember you are involved in your physio program and you are encouraged to ask questions at any time during the process. Each session is tailored to your lifestyle, needs and goals.

Physiotherapy can help with:

neck pain islington massage

Neck pain

back pain treatment islington

Back Pain

physiotherapy treatment islington

Shoulder injury

physiotherapy consultation islington

Sports Rehabilitation

What to expect on your
physiotherapy session?

We have an experienced team of Physiotherapists that provide the best treatment and exercise to suit your body’s natural capacity to heal and repair. As part of treatment, they will take you through a series of specialised exercises and techniques. These help to improve your overall movement and enable you to regain confidence in your body’s ability to perform with minimum risk of injury. Sports Physiotherapy 

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Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physio helps you regain some of the lost movements that can result due to injury or muscle tension. By applying a series of techniques sports physiotherapy can help ease the discomfort that arises due to lack of joint mobility, and can, therefore, help you gain more freedom in your movements. Here are some more benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Pain Management
  • Improve Posture
  • Strengthen the weak muscles
  • Rehabilitates Injured Muscles
physiotherapy consultation islington

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