Why massage should be a part of your London Marathon 2022 training

If you are reading this blog it is because you will be running the London  Marathon 2022, so Congratulations for all the hard training and preparation! 

If it’s your first marathon, you might be thinking: how will I ever be able to run the 26.2 miles? or  How will I cross the final line?

Well, one thing is for sure, it helps if you are injury free. How well you recover is as important as how hard you train. So let’s look at the role of  Sports massage and see how it can help you in your quest.


London Marathon Massage

London Marathon Massage

Running and delayed soreness

If you are relatively new to running, you will probably now be familiar with a pattern whereby your legs feel particularly sore a day or two after a hard run. This has a specific name among exercise physiologists It’s known as ‘DOMS’ – which is short for the ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’.

It is believed to occur as a result of microtrauma to connective tissue. It sounds quite worrying but is an almost inevitable consequence of the body being exposed to unfamiliar or intense physical activity. 

DOMS can place both a physical and psychological barrier to regular training. Anything that can help ease the sensation will help keep you motivated for longer. Thankfully, research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that massage after exercise can reduce the intensity of DOMS.

A London Marathon Massage may boost your immune system

For all marathon training programs, the goal is to gradually increase the mileage you run on an incremental basis. As you start to increase the overall distance you run you start to place a greater load on your immune system.

Few things are more frustrating than getting  Covid, a cold or feeling feverish  the day before your London Marathon. Besides you won’t be able to run if you’re positive for Covid , running with  a cold  is very counter-productive as it results in shunting the virus around the cardiovascular system.

Luckily there is evidence to suggest that regular massage can help to boost the immune system especially if it is lymphatic drainage. Not only that, but it can have a calming effect as it reduces the level of cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) in the body.

Other massage benefits for your London Marathon 2022 event 

Because massage can help to reduce muscle stiffness after a long or hard run, it may also help you to maintain good form. If you are trying to protect or compensate for tired and aching limbs your running style might get compromised. By incorporating massage before the London marathon event and  into your recovery phase you stand more chance of running with good biomechanics.

Pre-event massage 

Pre-event sports massage can be stimulating, it uses massage techniques such as hacking, kneading and beating and pounding.  It is vigorous and prepares people mentally for performance. Also a  pre-event massage can  be relaxing and the aim is to help to reduce stress levels  and calm nerves before your event.  

Post -event massage 

Post-event sports massage uses light pressured techniques alongside passive stretching to help regain normal muscle resting lengths after strenuous exercise. A post-event massage helps treat and prevent delayed onset muscles, fatigue and tightness

And finally, massage can count as a psychological reward for your hard work. As you come to the end of your training a pre and post Sports  massage will help to get your muscle ready for the final day, also it is fundamental for your recovery to ease those sore muscles. Make sure you book your pre sports massage 8-5  days before the London Marathon 2022 and your post event sports massage 24 hours – to a week after your even.

We hope this information is useful for you. If you have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find us in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington. If you like this blog, please share!

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