Tips to reduce postnatal back and neck pain

Experiencing back and neck pain is very common after you give birth, and at the clinic, we treat these kinds of conditions all the time. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your back and neck, do not worry, you are not the only one, more than 50% of women have it. The extra weight from your growing bump causes you to change how you hold your body. After pregnancy, your body will be trying to get back to its pre-baby posture. In addition, you will now be doing activities such as bending, picking up and holding your newborn, and adjusting to a new sleep pattern. All these put extra strain on your body and joints.

It is very important to allow your body time to recover, but equally important to be proactive in strengthening it to allow you to make the most out of this time with your new born. 

What factors can lead to postnatal back and neck pain?

  • Poor posture
  • Breastfeeding for hours
  • Mental states
  • Anemia 
  • Wrestling with strollers, car seats and others
  • Carrying your baby for long periods of time
  • Muscle laxity from pregnancy
  • Leaning over
  • Muscle weakness or imbalance from pregnancy
  • Lack of sleep
  • Muscle weakness or imbalance from giving birth

What produces back and neck pain?

During the first year after giving birth, all these repetitive activities performed over and over again create micro-tears in your muscles and ligaments. As a result, they will suffer inflammation, pain and instability. As these movements are repetitive, your body is under constant physical stress and never has the chance to heal properly. 

Are there other postnatal conditions?

Other conditions that you may also have during the first year after giving birth are: headaches (six weeks after delivery some women reported them), nagging stiffness and off course pain in other areas of your body.

How can I release pain in my back and neck?

All the above can easily be corrected with physiotherapy, a tailored strengthening and exercising program, so you will be more comfortable and enjoying your baby is going to be easier.  

Tips to prevent pain at home: 

  • When breastfeeding try not to look down at the baby the whole time because this posture can strain your neck.
  • Relax your shoulders while breastfeeding or carrying your baby, high tension can lead in injuries over time. Trying out a remedy for neck and shoulder pain can also do wonders. 
  • Use a pillow under your elbow and keep your back comfortably supported, this will ensure good posture while breastfeeding.
  • Drink enough water, it allows your muscles to repair faster and your blood flow stays strong.
  • Equally distribution of weight when lifting something. 
  • Book a massage therapy. You will notice positive impact on your back and neck pain. Massages release your muscles from staying stiff and tense. At the clinic we have the best specialists.
  • Do the bridge every day. This exercise will strengthen your lower back muscles and buttocks. Just lie on your back and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Then lift your hips off the floor and squeeze your buttocks. Repeat ten times.
  • Practice Pilates, it has great exercises to strengthen your core. Look for a certified place and also specialized in postpartum exercises.

We hope this information is useful for you. If you have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find us in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington. If you like this blog, please share! We are always happy to help.


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